Keep Your Family Organized With Reusable Whiteboard Paper

Getting your kids to do their chores, and knowing who did what is a challenge any time of the year, but whiteboard paper from EcoStatic may be the key to staying organized. Stick yours to a wall in the kitchen or entryway and draw a chart indicating who is responsible for what chores. How you choose to organize the chart is up to you. Pick whatever method works for your family. For example, you can create a chart sectioned off by names, frequency of the chore, the amount of allowance you pay for it and so much more. Since our products can be erased, your kids can wipe the chore off the board once it is finished. You will come to love a clean board! Your family’s schedule is probably different every week, so knowing who is where and whether they need a ride can get chaotic. For this reason, using whiteboard paper to draw a visible schedule is a smart idea.

Inform the family what is for dinner and keep track of the required ingredients by using whiteboard paper as a meal planner. Write down the meals you are planning on making that day, then list what you will need to prepare them. That way you will know whether you have to the grocery store. If you really like to plan ahead, you can decide a whole week of meals in advance. This will make it easier to make one trip to the store freeing up your valuable time. Keeping a family organized, especially with children, prevents life from getting too hectic. Having re-stickable, reusable whiteboard paper in your home can help. From schedules to chores to meals, our product makes your home more manageable.