Make Your Office Eco-Friendly With Dry Erase Paper

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Americans use about 69 million tons of paper every year, and your office could be contributing to that consumption. Excessive paper usage depletes natural resources and harms animal habitats, so cutting back benefits everyone. However, in an environment where you have to share information all day, how are you supposed to get rid of paper use? Fortunately, EcoStatic has the solution for you with our dry erase paper. Even the most tech-savvy offices use paper sometimes. Do you doodle notes on sticky pads all day? Do you write down important information from your meeting on a paper notepad? Instead of using all that paper, try our dry erase options. We will help you find dry erase paper that fits your office’s needs. Stick it on your wall so you can share important office information without sending paper memos, while reducing clutter.


Hopefully going digital and using dry erase paper will help reduce consumption in your office. Should reality set in and eco-unfriendly practices begin to pop up, you can always recycle, especially since our products are 100% recyclable. If your office doesn’t have a recycling program, ask for one. Or, if you are a true environmental hero, take your office’s used paper to a recycling center on your own. You many not get anything extra for the effort, but you will be a silent, recycling champion. When it comes to the environment, we all have to start somewhere, so why not start with dry erase products from EcoStatic? Give us a call and place an order for your home or office. You can use them anywhere and everywhere.