Paper Vs. Whiteboard Paper

From work life to home life to school life, we sure do use a lot of paper. Paper is used for note taking, memo taking, writing daily reminders and more. With that comes an awful lot of waste. When we write ourselves a reminder, it is likely to be thrown away after a few days. When we leave a message for a friend or coworker, it ends up in the trash after it is read. What if there were an easier, more resourceful way to communicate? Whiteboard paper is a fantastic method for note taking, organization, time management and overall productivity. The benefit? Whiteboard paper can be easily reused time and time again. That means you will save on the waste and ultimately promote a more environmentally friendly space. In the workplace, a dry-erase roll can be used by both individual employees or by the entire office as a method of management. Even in an office of four or five people, hundreds of pounds of paper waste can be created each year.


Whiteboard paper from EcoStatic also comes in handy in the home. Rather than waste sheets of paper for simple notes or to write down chores and lists, why not use dry erase sheets? These sheets are fun for children, resourceful, and money-saving. Our products are especially important in the classroom. A classroom of 20-25 students can benefit greatly during class discussions because they are easily erasable, providing a great tool for group brainstorming. Students can utilize individual sheets for their own use to practice math skills and so much more. Call EcoStatic today and start enjoying all the benefits of our eco-friendly products.