Dry Erase Products In The Classroom

When it comes to active engagement, nothing beats dry erase paper in the classroom. It can stick to any surface and each student can have their own. Here are seven reasons to use dry erase paper to actively engage students.

  • You can use it to engage every child in every lesson.
  • Minute by minute, you will know exactly who is grasping the concepts and who is struggling.
  • Using dry erase boards will save paper and significantly reduce the stack of work teachers take home with them to grade.
  • Using dry erase paper from EcoStatic can be used in a whole group instruction, small guided groups and learning centers.
  • No need to worry about technology failing when you need it most.
  • No learning curve or advanced prep. Just pass out dry erase paper and let the learning begin.

Don’t worry about dry erase products becoming a lost art with EcoStatic. Maybe you are thinking you cannot afford dry erase sheets but they are amazingly affordable. Watch students excel in subjects like math, spelling, vocabulary, and language arts where you can break the material down into smaller concepts. Using dry erase paper makes the entire lesson effective, interactive, and fun. Not to mention they are recyclable, reusable and save the environment all at the same time. You don’t need to spend and arm and a leg to transform the classroom into an entirely new learning experience. Start enjoying all the benefits of our products. Call us today and place your order now.