An Innovative Company

Meet the first innovation in sticky notes and sticky paper in over 40 years! Slickynotes are brightly colored, thin sheets of double-sided paper. Use any writing instrument on the colored side (just like traditional sticky notes) or flip to use with a dry erase marker! Erase and reuse as often as you like: one pad of Slickynotes lasts much longer than the old sticky notepads. Reusable sticky notes are good for your wallet and for the Earth.

Our Story

My name is Nelson Pizarro. I founded EcoStatic, Inc. with my children because we wanted to make Slickynotes as an eco-friendly alternative to sticky notes. Slickynotes are made right here in the United States, and our family-run company is committed social, environmental and economic sustainability.

Socially, we pay our employees a fair, living wage and provide above-standard benefits. In addition, we’re committed to sharing our expertise and financial success in the communities across our commodity chains. Environmentally, we source our products from environmentally responsible manufacturers, foster the recycling of our products and promote sustainable business practices everywhere we do business. Economically, we strive to price our products to make them broadly accessible, while providing the income necessary to meet our commitments to our families and those of our employees—all while investing in the future of our business.

Nelson Pizarro Picture

Nelson has an MBA from the University of Florida and a Doctorate in Business Administration from Grenoble Ecole of Management. He has helped start up six companies in the areas of business consulting, consumer electronics, consumer electronics refurbishing and automatic vehicle location systems. He has conducted business in 46 countries and has experience working for multinational corporations. In the governmental sector, he worked for Americorps as a full-time volunteer, Miami Dade Community College, and for the City of Gainesville, FL, as the Small and Minority Business Development Coordinator. He currently teaches entrepreneurship. When he is not working he meditates, practices yoga, bikes and spends time with his grand




Nelson has a BA in Business with a concentration in computer information systems from Lincoln Memorial University. Nelson became the first soccer player from Lincoln Memorial University to play soccer professionally. He played for the Kansas City Wizards, Miami Blues and currently plays for the San Diego Flash. He has over two years of experience in marketing, sales and operations. He is constantly learning about entrepreneurship and new technology. When he is not working, he enjoys surfing, hiking, traveling and spending time with his family.




After graduating at the top of her class from Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School, Carolina has “worked just about every job known to man.” Her wide range of experience includes time in the service industry where she served, bartended and cooked, as well as the extreme sports industry, where she worked for Redbull among others. Her experience even includes a stint at Chuck E. Cheese’s, where she worked “to get her niece a free birthday party”. Carolina has had success just about everywhere she goes. Why? Because she is lovely and cares about taking good care of people above all. We feel lucky to have her.







Kathy has a BA in Liberal Arts from The Evergreen State College. Shes has over 20 tears of experience as a paralegal and office manager. She teaches yoga and plans to teach vegan cooking in the future. When she is not working, she travels, practices yoga, meditation and cooks delicious vegan meals for her family and friends