Slickynotes® 3 x 3″ Assorted, 12 Pads


“Slickynote 12 Pack Assorted 3″x 3”!

– Double sided, reusable on one side

– Perfect for Coaching Events & Corporate Training

– Boost Agile, Scrum, Lean & Kanban Sessions

– Double your pad while saving money and having more

– Glue free and 100% recyclable

– 95 sheets

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SlickyNotes – Great for Agile Sessions.

You can purchase our assorted colored Slickynotes 3″ x 3″ inches 12 Pack, save BIG, Save money, have more! Agile coaches can stick, re-stick and slide around the Slickynotes on smooth surfaces. Make sure to PEEL ONE Sheet at a time – sheets stick together. Its best to use a ballpoint pen, permanent marker or even a pencil on the colored side. FLIP the sheet over and use a dry erase marker and erase it. You double your pad while saving money and have more! One pad has never came this far! You can stick to any smooth, dry surface like drywalls, windows, wallpaper, wood desk, doors and more. Their stable electrostatic charge lasts for several days to weeks.  Each pack includes 12 Assorted Slickynotes and 95 sheets, 76 x 76mm (3 x 3 in) per pad. Turn any surface into a creative space. Set your ideas free!

SlickyNotes Vs. sticky notes

Sticky Notes are used for everyday task from writing notes, brainstorming, presentation and so on. However, the environment matters to us which is why we created SlickyNotes.  Our product is an eco-friendly option that can be used more times then sticky notes. Unlike your regular sticky notes, SlickyNotes can be used on both sides. The sheets are dry erasable on the white side and the sheets are glue free! SlickyNotes can be best used if your a student, Teacher, Executive administrator, Professional Facilitator, Agile coach, Scrum coach, Kanban, Lean, Business Model or a Business Coach. Peel One sheet at a time – SlickyNotes do stick together. Forget the sticky notes its TIME TO GET SLICKY! The link below is a great article to read about how our Slicky products works vs sticky notes. This article was written by an outside blogger


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